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Notting Hill Carnival 2011 iPhone app

Notting Hill Carnival 2011 iPhone app

There it is! What would be of the carnival without a fancy app for your mobile device?


Notting Hill Carnival 2011 iPhone appActually, it's very nice that someone spent their time designing a phone application for the carnival. It's pretty basic but it has the essentials, including Route, Sound System locations, Food, First Aid, Toilets and Transport (only the tube).

All based around a google map with a search facility too. We searched for the Gaz Rockin Blues and the result shows that they are in Ledbury Road instead of Talbot Road where they always set up camp. Still this application may be useful.

If interested go to your apps icon and search for Carnival 2011.

If you use it, just be careful as the last thing you want is to get your fancy phone nicked...

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