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Kiria album launch + Long Tall Shortly, Knocksville & 16 Guns tonite

Round up of bands playing tonight at the Cobden Club.



Single Review: Kiria - 'Jelly Baby'

For those of you despairing at the fact that the hated X Factor has been commissioned for another series to pollute our ears with more sanitised corpo-pop slop and wondering what the heck happened to the days when bands could write good simple catchy pop songs... I think I may have spotted a small speck of light at the end of the tunnel. And for once it doesn't look like it's merely an oncoming train either.

The debut single from West London pop-punk singer/songstress Kiria, is a slice of sweet-as-candyfloss rock which is as near-as-dammit to perfect as anything of this genre as you'll probably hear this year. Think Voice of the Beehive, think Blondie at their most tuneful, think "why the heck can't there be more songs like this nowadays?". It's as satisfying as watching that worthless mallrat Avril Lavigne being thrown off a 30-storey skyscraper and, if the imminent album can keep these high standards up I'd strongly recommend you keep an eye out for it.

Reviewed by Andy James Pure Rawk Monday, October 18th, 2010


View All Photos | Knocksville New T shirt Logo! - Designed by the one and only Vince Ray. | KNOCKSVILLE.


Well Knocksville consists of 3 people from the South East of England (Eastbourne and Bexhill), who go by the names of Martin Riddington, Nico Scerri, and Chris Cooper.

We formed in February ’09. Already we have had a mention in ‘Kustom Garage’ (France), ‘Bizzare’ and ‘Total Tattoo’ magazines. Played At Some Of The Biggest Venues In The Uk And We Are Still Constantly Growing. We went straight into the recording studio as soon as we could, and recorded 7 tracks; 6 – self written and 1 cover, We are currently recording a album which will be released in march 2011.

We Have a Brand New Single Out! Only Available From Mumbles Emporium In Brighton Or From Us At Gigs!

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/knocksville13#ixzz13THzLo5V

Long Tall Shorty – where do you start? In 1978 I suppose – formed by Tony Perfect as a leading light in the Mod Revival movement releasing the iconic singles “By Your Love/1970’s Boy” and “Win or Lose” amongst others.

The power, energy and excitement was always present in their live sound gaining them a dedicated live following with residencies at the 100 Club and Marquee the highlight of many of a teenage dream, sadly for a generation they split up in 1982.

Reforming in 2000 they have released several albums including “Completely Perfect”, “A Bird In The Hand” and the much heralded Rhythm and Blues album “Women & Trouble”.

The line has always been a fluid feature of Long Tall Shorty and now features a stripped down three piece, Tony Perfect - Vocals/Guitar, John Woodward – Bass and Jim Piddington on Drums. Along with the stripped down line-up Shorty have pioneered a new style of music “Giffer Punk” and have taken this away from the traditional haunts of Soho and Central London to the far flung reaches of Europe to spread the Giffer sound.

Tony Perfect recently said “There’s nothing wrong with what we were doing but we realised there’s a load of kids out there crying out for something Giffer, so we’re givin’ it to them.”

The Sounds of Giffer City” came out on 8th October 2009 on Time For Action Records. Since then Shorty have been tirelessly playing gigs to pronmote the LP taking in the UK and Europe.
Recording of the follow up LP, titled "Kick Out The Shams Motherfuckers" is being recorded for release around the beginning of July... stayed tuned on that one.
A busy summer ahead then with shows with SHAM 69 (for the record, these are not the shams that need kicking out, its another bunch of shams), Secret Affair, Pauline Black, King Kurt, King Hammond, Bad Manners to name a few.
See related listing here.

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