Season greetings

 Season greetings to all and a great new year!!!

This one is arriving to its end and what a year it was too! The Source Mag came a long way but there's still much to do. We will re-organise the project for the new year. We count with your support too and do keep in mind: you can publish here too! We cover many things and not necessarily local; give us a try.

Meantime we were proud to publish pretty varied content from local stuff, to arts, poetry, reviews, rants, diaries, politics, music and more... plus listings and video. We hope to increase the output for the next year. For those of you who joined us recently, check the articles below as a taster.

The Colon Diaries by Steve Graham

Shaun Keaveny - The Early Morning Kensal Riser

Peter Pan Comedown 

Trains and lycra pants

From bomb threats to a thread of smoke

A West London Rock and Roll Tour 

Delphi Newman and her band play the Cobden Club 

That's it folks. Spread the word. We'll be back next week with a Newsletter NYE Special. Enjoy the break.

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