Great Western Studios News - May

News round up from the Great Western Studios.

Darren Almond has just opened his new show, Sometimes Still, at Matthew Marks Gallery in New York. The show runs until June 26th and marks the debut of a six-screen high-definition video Darren photographed near Kyoto, Japan. The film follows a Tendal monk as he goes through the Buddhist process Kalihogyo to reach the true state of Buddhism.
Shiv has a fabulous new website. She is not only doing artwork but has also designed the website herself. You can see her old and new illustrations on www.shivandletlive.comand you will also have the opportunity to buy various pieces via the online shop.
Kate Gibb has been busy doing album covers lately. Folk artist Megson's latest album, out on June 7th, is covered by a silkscreen collage. Joshua Radin's recent album - Simple Times has a photograph of the singer himself made unique by Kate on the cover.

In issue 2 of Populous Magazine you get a peak on how the London 2012 Olympic stadium might look. Sophie Smallhornhas developed the colour strategy for the arena. She has created "a colour journey where the palette can evolve as the visitor approaches, enters and uses the building".

Olivia Musgrave is exhibiting in both Greece and South Africa this month. She is taking part in the Art-Athina art fair in Athens, 13-16th May, together with John Martin Gallery and also exhibiting in Johannesburg at the Everard Read Galleryduring the 2010 Football World Cup.

Sanja Sakic is holding nude sketching and drawing evenings at the exclusive private members' club HeyJoClub in St James's. The class is very informal with minimal direction. Sanja will be on hand to offer tuition to those interested in learning more about the techniques employed by artists for their compositions.

The eternal globetrotter Cristina Rodriguez is currently exhibiting at Galleria de' Marchi in Bologna, Italy. The show,Little Treasures, will run until May 21st.

The new Open Studios event on the 5-6th June is fast approaching. The artists are busy preparing for the weekend and the building is a hive of activity. Over 80 studios will be open to the public between 12 noon and 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. There will also be curated exhibitions over 2 floors, new public sculpture, a covered art market, children's art trail and book readings and much more. We hope that you can join us, and experience some of the most interesting and exciting contemporary art in London.


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