Horn$leth's Closing Showcase: Deep Sea Storage Project

Deep Sea Storage Project:  Want to live forever?  Somewhere that will be literally untouched by time?
Horn$leth's Deep Sea Storage Project is arguably the most unusual art project ever undertaken. A beautiful 8x8x8 meter steel star sculpture containing your DNA from human blood and hair samples will be lowered into the Pacific Ocean, at one of the deepest spots in the Earth's ocean.
How will we have evolved? How will humans be different? People are embracing the ideals of the The Deep Storage Project, and in doing so, they are becoming a voice to be heard in the future. On June 11th,  the GGGallery will be exhibiting and contributing to the realization of this dream project of Horn$leth's.
On hand to collect samples of DNA from willing participants, we hope to add to the already prominent DNA supply that Horn$leth has already acquired, and expose the public to this alternate version of art.
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