Cafe Rocks

Neil Fisherand Muskie, Miss Love, Huski and Cook and the Case at Cafe Rocks.

Neil Fisherand Muskie, Miss Love, Huski and Cook and the Case at Cafe Rocks.


Neil Fisherand Muskie, Miss Love, Huski and Cook and the Case at Cafe Rocks.COOK AND THE CASE (check out this video on you tube ...amazing


Cook And The Case
Daniel Cook is a prolific songwriter and the band has developed a sound and style that is beautifully reckless but refined. As a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, Daniel has no shortage of passion and life experience to draw from. The lyrics are classy, genuine and heartfelt and this is conveyed superbly through their captivating, emotionally charged performances. Daniel's voice, melodies and lyrics combined with his passionate, intuitive delivery, makes for a very charismatic performer.

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Born under a starry sky in smoky North London, alternative electro-shock pop-duo Huski are currently busy preparing to release their second album ‘Strangelove’. Listeners can expect a visual and aural feast of decadence, delight and destruction - the album tells the story of the tyranny of love and travels into the far reaches of darkness, glitter and dreams.
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Singer Song Writer “Musician” and “Vocalist“. Neil Fisher has been writing songs and music for over thirty years, He also co writes with lead Guitarist and friend Terry Mason. Neil has years of gigging experience, He has played in numerous bands as well as performing both solo and accompanied acoustic sets, Neil has performed for many years around the local music venues were he as built himself a strong following. Neil has also supported many legendary bands and artists such as Manfred Mans earth band /Yam Acumen /Dr Feelgood /Karl Palmer Legendry drummer from Emerson Lake and Palmer. .Ten Years After/ Blue Ouster Cult/Little Feat /Man /Jenno Washington. Playing large venues and Arenas, Meeting and associating with singers and musicians that had been such a massive influence on his music and song writing.

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