Joseph Dean Osgood Album Launch at Cafe Rocks

You may have already heard about him, or seen him playing. Now Joseph D. Osgood steps up a gear with an album launch. An evening not to be missed.


The sublime and multi talented JOSEPH DEAN OSGOOD will showcase his album this Friday to a packed hip crowd. Joseph is Micky P's "tip for the topper most of the popper most... BRILLIANT... Vocalist and songwriter, Joseph Dean Osgood is a formidable talent whose presence on stage is as captivating as his singing. Influenced by artists such as Cat Stevens, Bowie and James Taylor, his inimitable style boasts depth but also skillfully drives the melody...

He has been compared to the likes of Joe Cocker and Early Rod Stewart and has recorded his debut EP / Album with private investor backing and a great team of people on board.

Joseph has been gigging on the london circuit for the past 5 years and has built up a strong following and reputation for star quality when he performs. He is currently negotiating with the Barfly chain to start a mini tour of the UK through their music venues.

Joseph lives in the area and has played extensively around this part of the world. Anyone who sees him playing, recognizes immediately that he's a brilliant performer with obvious talent and stage presence. Tonight, as he launches his début album, we are to expect an exhilarating and unforgettable show. This is for sure one not to be missed and it's highly recommended.

You can see some of his videos on SBS

Joseph Dean Osgood EPK 

In A Broken Dream' - Joseph Dean-Osgood 

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To get everyone on a full party mood, other bands are joining the launch including: 

"WITNESS!! The Guilty Ones!!!!! Liv, Jo, Oded and Manuel revivify the best of 60’s and 70’s and modern psychedelic pop rock riddims, producing a unique and adventurous musical melange with a sound all of its own. Liv's voice will sweep through your soul; mellisonant, mellifluous; infused with amatory yearning; you’d follow her words down the darkest backstreet. They call, they promise, they deliver. The Guilty Ones are the musical superlative. What a great find!"

- NY Good Times Magazine

Their first single called "All There Is", produced by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild, Telegraphs) has been available for sale and download since April 2010, followed by a second single "Dance With You" produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight, The Kooks), which will come out on Oct 20th... Stay tuned for more updates.


Whether it was chance or fate that brought these six freaks together is immaterial. All that matters is the glorious, infectious energy these boys are injecting into the capital, like a delicious shot of skank-flavoured adrenaline straight to the heart.

Hailing from the four corners of the city and drawing their influences from the four corners of the globe, this bunch of vertically challenged misfits came together with one aim in mind: to spread the word. Viva!

The seeds of what would become the Fam were sown long ago in the mists of time, as the old millennium gave way to the new singer/songwriters Anton and Simon first crossed paths. Working as the Lyrical Rebelz, these two underground heroes began to hone their skills and craft the first songs of what would become a legendary repertoire. After some time spent performing on the underground Hip Hop scene, they happened upon the next piece of the puzzle: north London producer Mr Sounds, whose exuberant dress sense was matched only by his talent on keys. With live instrumentation in place for the first time, a crazy plan coalesced before them and the path was clear.

The remaining pieces fell into place suspiciously quickly; a chance meeting at a gig furnished them with guitarist Ben Stratford, whose wide influences and bluesy tones added new layers of complexity to the evolving Fam sound; Mr Sounds provide the remaining links in the form of friend Don Cortes, who was drafted in from Drum University to lay down some tight, complex stickwork and also former co-worker Rob, whose thumping, funk-fuelled basslines carved out the groove.

So all is in place and the line-up complete! Criminal, subliminal, and anything but minimal, Lá Fam stand ready at the dawn of a new age, brave explorers of a new frontier. Heroes, visionaries, alcoholics; Lá Fam are all these things and more. Stages invaded, venues rocked. Ladies serenaded and minds unlocked. Lá Fam stand ready to drink, skank and rock their way across the world. And everyone is welcome along for the ride.


Kamp David are a London based outfit fronted by Murray Golding,Pierre van Vuuren (keyboards) Greg Radcliffe (Guitar) Daniel Sakowkski (Bass) Oskar Starski (drums) and Kirsty Wone on backing vocals. They cross trashy guitars with nu glam rock that has been descibed as a mix between Marc Bolans T Rex and Hedwig and the Angry Inch Their debut album 'Kill The Vote' can be heard online http://www.ilike.com/artist/Kamp+David/songs but more importantly you can now download the album from I Tunes.You can catch them live this summer performing songs from the album plus more but make sure you have taken your energy pills!

Billy has fast become one of London's best DJ's. From Rock to punk, from reggae to funk. BILLY IDLE will get anyone jumping F**KIN GREAT

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