Mary Plant - new album 'We're Punk" to be released this Saturday

Mary Plant -  new album 'We're Punk

Mary Plant releases her debut album this Saturday at the Earl of Portobello. 

A night of soul awakening and evolution with love, surprises, laughter, dancing, music, film shoots, more love, more music, soul food, shaking your batty, belly laughs, serious music, conscious lyrics and an album launch party. The album is 'We're Punk' released on the independent SkyDancer Label.

Mary Plant is a new and original songwriter of 5 years who combines guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals in creating her songs. Her new album 'We're Punk' is an interesting blend of jazzy mood music and upbeat summer rhythms, all delivered to the sound of Mary's own distinct, original vocal tone, and embodying the classic theme of love and longing.

The album's opening track, 'Tune into the Wire' is a delicious, dreamy, acid-jazz like ballad which sets the pace for the rest of the record, not to mention raising high expectations in the process. Songs like 'Secret Melody' and 'Changes' also follow in this manner, if a tad downbeat, whilst 'Absolute Love' is a highlight with it's soft melody and minimalist rhythm, displaying a vulnerability liken to Billie Holiday or even Amy Winehouse.


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