For Charlie Hebdo


Je suis Charlie.

Killing over cartoons is something that one would have laughed about  - or at least be amused by - if it were in a sci-fi movie produced in the late 70s. 

Yet this is happening today.  This is political barbarism that defies any reasoning. They are named ‘terrorists’ by most of the press… yet they’re more like coward psychopaths.

The idiots who have managed to gather enough stupidity in their brains to commit this slaughter don’t seem to get that this shooting only reveal a very poor belief in their own religion. But of course, this is no longer about religion per se… this is about ideology, and an ideology based on fanaticism using religious dogma as the excuse and motivator for abuse and murder. 

The debate yet again brought to the center is the balancing of religious sensitivities and the right to free expression. Yet religion is an idea and not above scrutiny, and all religions will criticise every other one. Furthermore, satire has been part of western culture for centuries and it is integral to free speech. History, arts, political debate and society at large have benefited from being the object of satire. Why would any entity beyond our physical realm be bothered with it? 

The only likely outcome of this slaughter is the rise of the far right and of fundamentalist Islamic groups. In the middle is everyone else… including of course the many Muslims who condemn this barbarism like we do.

 Feb. 9,2006, issue featured a weeping Muhammad with the headline, “Muhammad Overwhelmed by Fundamentalists.” (In the dialogue bubble, he’s saying, "It’s hard being loved by assholes.")


Top picture by http://franciscojavierolea.com/ 

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