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CODE FC Retrospective


CODE FC Retrospective
Thu, 23. October 2014, 18.30 h
Graffik Gallery - London
Arts, Galleries & Exhibitions


CODE FC 25 Year Retrospective & Book Launch

Book launch celebrating 25 years of graffiti activity and retrospective show

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Graffik Gallery - Website
284 Portobello Road
W10 5TE
United Kingdom


London’s Graffik Gallery in Portobello Road is establishing itself as the new shrine for the best breed of British urban artists, offering a rejuvenated exhibition space to accommodate street art shows for the current and new wave generation of graffiti spraying wizards. It is on a mission to provide a new and alternative environment for exhibiting art to the traditional gallery format, transforming static work into multi-media and performance-oriented events.

Graffik Gallery has been going for almost two years and collaborates with many leading British street artists such as Grafik Warfare, SNUB23, Dan Baldwin, Goldie, Schoony, T.wat, Funky Red Dog and Grafter. All artists are at the pinnacle of edgy UK street art and showcase "thought provoking" landmark pieces at the gallery. Artists are given almost complete control when curating their shows, captivating hundreds of visitors through displaying cutting-edge creations.

“Graffik Gallery’s open door policy has broken down the barriers normally associated with stuffy gallery type settings. Artists and customers mingle freely sharing and collaborating, with live painting and graffiti lessons held in our infamous backyard space. The aim of the gallery was to give street art lovers the opportunity to own and hang iconic urban artworks in their homes whatever their budgets. The fantastic range of products available has achieved this aim” say Ollie (Gallery Curator) and Franco (Sponsorship, Press & PR)

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