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‘One Foot in the Grove’ December show

MuTATE BRITAIN's ‘One Foot in the Grove’ art event is back for December! This unique, welcoming and visually astounding underground arts festival provides a memorable London experience and the chance to take a piece home with you. 
Soak up the bustling atmosphere of the 12 000sq ft site whilst walking amongst giant paintings, sculptures and installations; then enjoy the licensed bar and food before having a look at the show's sales gallery.
On offer are exclusive posters, prints, originals, sculptures, photography, clothing and object d'art that make perfect gifts for you and your discerning friends and family. This is a rare opportunity to escape chaos of Oxford Street! For full info check www.mutatebritain.wordpress.com

An introduction to MuTATE Britain and ONE FOOT IN THE GROVE A 15000 square foot open air exhibition of Street Art, giant Sculpture and Installations, fully licensed for 1250 people, underneath the West Way Road Bridge next to Portobello Road, Ladbroke Grove, London. 

Following the success of their debut show ‘Behind the Shutters' at the infamous Cordy House, the Mutate Britain team are pleased to announce a return to Portobello Road for a One Foot in the Grove Christmas special, an exhibition of painting and sculpture located in the heart of West London on the Portobello Road.

 “For us this is a home coming, Ladbroke Grove means a lot to Joe and I, now we’re back home to put on a show that we hope will be remembered for its inspiring art, inclusive atmosphere and all round good times.” Garfield Hackett 

Since artists such as Futura 2000 (then touring with The Clash) and Mode 2 first painted the huge walls supporting the iconic West Way in the early 80s, they have been cited as a birthplace of British graffiti/street art culture. Almost 30 years later Street Art is a global artistic movement, rich with talent, diverse aesthetic styles and momentum sustained by passion. Now over 50 of its old school pioneers, infamous names and future masters are back to build a show that celebrates the depth and heritage of the movement. Expect surprise announcements to add to the mix of works by Mode 2, Matt Small, Dr. D, Part2ism, Best Ever and too many more to mention here. 
Freehand painting, stencils and paste ups from three to thirty feet high adorn the huge walls that provide an atmospheric setting for this event, made unique thanks to collaborators The Mutoid Waste Company. Giant Mutoid sculptures made from refuse on a military scale are carefully curated to build the Mutate Britain atmosphere. Helicopters, dinosaurs and prancing horses sculpted and engineered by Joe Rush, Alex Wreckage and Sam Haggerty punctuate the floor space alongside Giles Walker’s pole dancing robots, LRRY the fire breathing bull and a three dimensional holographic human face. One Foot in the Grove is a unique chance to see and interact with these mind blowing creations usually only ever witnessed at the world’s most iconic festivals. Burning Man in Arizona, The Fuji Rock Festival and Glastonbury’s Trash City are the some of The Mutoid Waste Company’s favourite playgrounds.

 “Mixing our artwork into a big event where people have a good time makes it come alive, and that’s what we’re all about – making our work accessible by putting on a proper party.” Joe Rush 

A huge Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition style wall presents framed stencils and originals available to buy whilst the photographic retrospective ‘In the shadows’ references the diverse cultural heritage of the local area with contributions from Henry Chalfant and Lawrence Watson amongst others. An extensive seating area offers visitors the perfect chance to relax and take in these amazing surroundings while enjoying our licensed bar, café and finger-licking food provided by none other than Andi Oliver and Neneh Cherry. One Foot in the Grove replaces the sterile gallery experience with a festival atmosphere that makes this event truly accessible for crowds of all kinds. 
3-6 Acklam Rd, London, W10 5YU
Entrance on Portobello Road - MAP Nearest tube – Ladbroke grove
Opening times:
Opens December 4th to December 20th - FRI / SAT / SUN
FRI 12-10pm / SAT 12-10pm (NO ENTRY AFTER 9PM)
MON 21st - WEDS 23rd – Limited opening, sales gallery only.
Blog with latest news: www.mutatebritain.wordpress.com
For further press enquires contact - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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