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We are looking for writers

We are looking for writers to review films, bands, comedy nights plus more.

You already know about us; now, we are seeking inquisitive minds with good writing skills. 

What’s happening around you and your neighborhood? Is there something you want to share with others? Is there something that affects your community? Or enhances it? Send us your views.

We want to cover more of what is going around the area: from bands to comedy nights, film and club nights. If you are out and about and feel you can spare some of your time to send us a review, then do it. If you’d like to interview bands and musicians also get in touch. If you are into arts and would like to interview or write about local artists, please get in touch too.

Or maybe you want to write of an experience you had in your life that was an eye opener – share it with us.

If you are more into politics and have a journalistic mind, we would love to hear from you – there are a few things to cover. Same if you are into urban planning.

We’re open to a range of different content and it doesn’t have to have a local emphasis. It can be something that reflects our time and that we can all learn from. It can reflect politics but equally it can be something about a journey you made, or a state of mind. Try us.







Get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please keep in mind that this is on a contribution/collaboration basis as we have no means to offer payment. You'd allow us to use to content you send within the Source Mag project, and you'd keep all copy right for any third parties. 

Send this to anyone you know that may be interested and let your local mates know about this project.  







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