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Double-Decker bus for the 21st Century


El President Boris scratches his head as the updated version of the iconic Routemaster bus for the 21st Century is about to run over his budget. And look??!! It's a 23 !!!


So you heard about it, it was an election pledge, it was unveiled last week, you saw it on the news... what do you think about it?


It is expected that a working prototype will be finished in late 2011 and the first five buses are likely to start service in early 2012 ahead of the London Olympics.


A few points to consider:

  •  It will carry 87 people - 62 sitting and 25 standing - about the same as a conventional double-decker but almost half the number of a bendy bus.
  • Wheelchair users and people with pushchairs will be able to board the bus using the middle door, which will fold out a ramp like conventional buses.
  • It's suppose to be a “greener, light and airy' service.
  • The new double-decker will have an open platform in the back similar to the old Routemaster providing hop-on hop-off service for passengers.
  • The updated updated version of the iconic Routemaster bus is being designed by Architects Foster+Partners in partnership with Aston Martin.
  • The glass at the back is gone.
  • Opposition says that this Bus will not attract enough sales overseas to make it cheaper to order at home.
  • Two stair cases: one at the front, another at the back.

You can see a related video on SBS-TV.

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