A campaign gets under way to save Amberley Road School Buildings

By Fiona Davis
 Amberley Road School
These beautiful, historic buildings are due to be demolished, and for no good reason. The area stands to lose not just a fine piece of local history, but also an excellent community facility, with the sad departure of Westminster Adult Education Service.

If the proposals go head, the existing buildings will be bulldozed to make way for an Ark primary school and a private block of flats. There are already two primary schools within a few minutes' walk of the site, and the flats will be 100% non-affordable, in a borough with a massive housing shortage, especially for key workers. 

In addition, the only way to fit both on to a site which really isn't big enough is to build upwards, thereby affecting the views, light and privacy of nearby properties. Amberley Road is a cul-de-sac; the adjoining estate is a 'no through road'. It is really not practical, or sensible, to add so many extra people and vehicles to an already high density population area, especially one with pre-existing traffic limitations; the peace and quiet of the residential, canalside setting, appreciated by the many families and individuals who have lived in the area for decades, stands to be lost forever.

Consultation with local residents has been laughably late and thoroughly inadequate, despite the massive impact the proposals will have on the area should they go ahead. It now appears that a number of local residents have not been consulted at all, both in the estates on either side of the canal, and the surrounding streets, although they will surely be affected by the vast increase in noise and traffic should these plans go ahead. 

Please take a minute to look at the page. Please 'Like' and 'Share'. Please spread the word. It's still not too late to let Westminster Council know your views - and if you didn't know about these plans before now, and feel that you should have, let them know that, too. Thanks very much, and a big thanks to the Joao for letting me post here. Cheers!
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