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The Creative Questionnaire 2: Miss Angela Molineux

Angela Molineux is a Canadian born artist singer/ song writer who is also a published author of children short stories.  She recently played at the Island Experiment to an astounded audience, shortly after performing with Passionata for King Abdullah II of Jordan. Wills Morgan wanted to find out more... and so did we. 
Source Mag - What is the story behind that name (Wild Soprano)?
Angela Molineux - My nickname came about from a fan that was remarking on my crazy, carefree dancing as well as my singing arias acapella, at random! The name seemed to fit and applied to so many areas of my life, akin to the Robert Frost poem 'The Road Less Travelled'.
Source Mag -How did you hear about the Island Experiment?Will you play there again?
Angela Molineux -I heard about the Island Experiment through a close friend who attends often and will definitely sing there again, schedule permitting.
Source Mag -You are no stranger to performing to big and small events. Before playing at the Experiment, you recently performed with Passionata for King Abdullah II of Jordan. Tells about that? How did that come about and how was it like?
Angela Molineux -It was my first time in the Middle East and was an amazing experience! I adore singing with my favourite sopranos and it was absolutely incredible to sing on a stage along the Red Sea with the breeze blowing our blond locks as we sang stunning top notes and 4 part harmonies. The audience included the King of Jordan and his wife, Queen Rania, whom I greatly admire! There were also many ex-prime ministers of countries present and it was the hottest day on record that year at 46 degrees celsius so we almost melted during the sound check! We received the booking through our agent at Young Guns Management.
Source Mag -You were born in the Rocky Mountains in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada... what brought you to London? How long have you been here?
Angela Molineux -Yes, I'm a prairie girl but do call Vancouver my home now in Canada. I have been living in London just over 3 years and came to Europe to broaden my horizons as an individual and as an artist. I love how classical music is so much a part of the culture here and the architecture all over Europe often makes me cry! I adore the rich history, the languages and the nod to tradition.
Source Mag -How do you find the London scene for musicians, particularly for someone coming from Canada?  Does London inspire you? Has your music changed in any way as a result of being here?
Angela Molineux -I would never call myself a musician, as my playing is the furthest thing from proficient!! But as a singer/songwriter, I am constantly in awe of and overwhelmed by the talent in London...so many incredibly gifted musicians, singers, songwriters...I love it and find it so inspiring! London has my heart so completely and inspires me to no end...so much so that I have fought and struggled, facing immense challenges to stay here. I found my place as an artist and found my sound with the help of my amazing producer through being here, which is why London and this country mean so much to me.
Source Mag -You started performing at the age of 8. What brought that about?
Angela Molineux -I loved music and loved to sing, though did not know that I may have a talent for singing until I auditioned for a special children's choir. The conductor singled me out for solos and helped to lay the foundation for my love of classical music and my training. 
Source Mag -Besides your classical and opera studies at The UBC School of Music, you also have an honours degree in psychology. Does the latter inform your lyrics?
Angela Molineux - The way I look at life, people, experiences are all certainly interpreted through a filter I gained from my degree so yes, in an indirect way my education informs my lyrics. However, my emotional depth and analytical brain and writing ability were present from a really young age. My poor parents!!
Source Mag -Your music is described as “songs exuding both spirituality and sex appeal” ... are these two elements compatible? Can they coexist without becoming mutually exclusive?
Angela Molineux - Spirituality is sexy! Our sprit is our essence and our sexual expression is one way in which our life force presents itself in the external realm. 
Source Mag -There’s a range of influences in your sound... classical, cabaret, contemporary throughout. There’s a ‘soundscape’ quality about them partly re-enforced by the video that supports them. Is this how you conceive them? Tell us a bit of how you go about making new material?
Angela Molineux -  The soundscape quality is a favourite of both myself and my producer Max who co-wrote the pieces on my EP. Both of us are moved and inspired by the expression of great emotion which you feel from strings, legato phrasing and high frequency vocals. I also see and experience intense emotions much like films and love the drama and theatrical element to big, epic pieces of music. I tend to write in two ways. One, to an already composed instrumental skeleton that moves me with its sheer melodic beauty and two, I hear melodies and then add the music around the melody. For each song on my EP, my producer asked me what the theme was, what instruments I hear and what the story of the song was. We then worked together to create the whole piece. Lyrics are always the easiest for me, then vocal melody..I usually spend the most time on choruses, and then there are decisions on the bass line, the strings, percussion and piano melodies and horns. I often hear string arrangements in my head before going to sleep and even whilst dreaming...I think because after the piano, they are the closest to vocal melodies. I also like to use visuals with my music as song tells stories and images add another dimension to telling the stories.
Source Mag -Is there someone you identify with... someone that inspires you? (living or ceased, famous or not) In what way? What is the model and source of inspiration?
Angela Molineux -  I can't say I identify with any particular person, but I'm inspired by many. My grandmother was a huge source of inspiration in my life..her art and simply her heart and how she loved inspired me!! I'm inspired by my family and friends..watching them go through life and find and connect with whatever brings them joy and happiness..I love that! I'm inspired by people that think outside the box, take risks, live in the moment and those that live without fear...those that help others and help the planet, those that understand that we are all in this life together. I also look within for inspiration as I believe that whatever or whoever is outside of yourself, is a reflection of what's within yourself. 
Source Mag -What are your plans for 2013? Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?
Angela Molineux - My plans for 2013 are to write, to learn, to grow, to love myself, to help others, to climb the scale to top G's as often as possible, to dance, and to enjoy life! I suppose those are more like goals! In a year's time, I see myself on tour and meeting with and working the most amazing individuals. I hope to be workshopping my musical and completing my book, as well as my album. I will definitely be a happy soprano immersed in music!!
Source Mag -Where can we see you perform next?
Angela Molineux - I'm next performing in London at an event for the incredible Women's Aid charity. You can find me and performance details on www.angelamolineux.com,Facebook.com/AngelaMolineux, and twitter.com/AngelaMolineux  
Source Mag -Thanks for your time Angela. We wish you the very best for your career ahead. 
Angela Molineux - Thanks so much :)
A debut EP featuring the Virgin Galactic song is on iTunes at  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/with-love-and-light
Angela is currently co-writing her album and hope to have it finished by the end of 2013.
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