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Pipsqueak was here!!! ‘It’s a cover-up’

Pipsqueak was here!!! ‘It’s a cover-up’
Coming up at the Graffik Gallery this Wednesday.
The new exhibition of Pipsqueak was here!!! at Graffik couldn’t be called an exhibition. It’s the opposite, namely a cover-up. The works shown are not to be seen. They are only visible if you put some effort into it. 
The ‘It’s a cover-up’ show does what it states. An art show in which a lot of the content is hidden. A true metaphor to these times in which plenty of information is shared in the various media, but quite a lot of important messages and information are held from us.
This show is no different; to find the hidden content you are on your own.
A fence will shield the gallery walls. If you are familiar with the works by Pipsqueak, you know this will be an eyeful already. One of Pipsqueaks favourite habits is to make large paintings on reclaimed wood. The viewer is in the awkward and adventurous position to find loopholes in the fence, if he wishes to see the entire show.
A worldwide survey of art museum audiences found that nine seconds was the average time, which visitors spent before each piece. Pipsqueak was here!!! dares you… If you have the ability to see, why don’t you look?
Pipsqueak was here!!! is an Amsterdam based cut and paste duo that have been active in the visual arts since the late eighties. After having separate careers for the first 10 years they started to do occasional collaborations. The process of working together became more natural by the day, their themes and interests being very similar. There is no limitation to the means and no combination of possibilities is shunned. The only thing that really matters is the work of art and not the ego, that’s where the name Pipsqueak was here!!! was adopted.
Pipsqueak was here!!! means exactly what they favour to be: small, insignificant, yet loud and obnoxious. They try to be influenced by everything they see, hear or feel and create their own twisted vision on all big and small issues that demand their attention, in a world where people eat sugar free sugar cookies.
Opening is this Wednesday 16 at 6 pm  and the exhibition will be on until October 27 
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