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What areas of content is this site interested in now?

Several. We welcome content on:


  • Local issues

    Such as the closure of a community facility, urban planning, the cemetery wall, etc. If you believe there's something that needs to be addressed then get in touch. This site can be the perfect outlet to give voice and inspire critical mass.


  • Local Arts

    It could be an exhibition preview, an interview, criticism or even an essay. In case of an interview, get in touch as maybe we can consider filming it as well.


  • News

    Something new happening nearby you? Let us know.


  • Photo Stories

    It's pretty open but the original idea is not so much on photographic merits, but rather on how the photograph and the story work together. So the photo could have been taken with a mobile phone or with the latest professional kit. It could be something from an holiday, or from walking in the park. Try us! We are open to surprises.


  • Your Experience Through Music

    Is there a song (or even a sound) that takes you back to an experience in the past? We all have them. It's often so vivid and unexpected. We would like to explore this idea of 'soundscapes'.



  • Addictions&Contradictions

    Best thing is to read the article already published by Joe Leggz – Peter Pan Comedown – and you'll get a pretty good idea of the kind of approach we are encouraging. It has to be something from within, but the subject matter can be pretty wide.

  • Movie Blues

    Our in-house film critic has gone overseas to work on other projects. We are looking for film criticism on films that have just been released or are being screened in the local cinemas. Can you do it? Have a look at the Movie Blues article by Jake Horsley: There Will be Blood - The sound of one hand clapping.


  • Fitness

    We have Elif in charge of the Fit Club. She has wrote an article and will be writing more soon. If you want to write as well, then get I touch.


  • Kids

    There a lot of couples with kids around here, so we are very interested in having someone who could run a section on kids related issues. We also welcome kids activities in the listings.



  • Book Shelf

    Tell us about a book you have read. How did it work for you (or not)? Do you recommended it?


    Please note that the views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Source Mag.

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