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The Bash

 By Hugh Nott on behalf of the KTF

This photo by Lucy Clark 
Hugh Nott from the KTF writes about the event, the performers, the crew, money raised and the charities plus a word to Robby. 
Oh what a Night! at the Masons Arms 4/12/09  
Thanks to one and all, we had an excellent night of music at the Masons arms, at one point I called it Glastonbury on Harrow rd, not unreasonable as we had over 17 bands and acts performing! Massive thanks to all that helped, inc. Donica on the door, Joao, from the source mag, for the flyers, poster and promotion, Harvey and Sean, for doing sound, Michael form 2bitpunk for the visuals, and Wade and Mark for stage managing! Emma and Delphi, and Guy. 

Totally superb music all round. Portasonic kicked off the night with their tight guitar hero cords and looked excellent bathed in streaming video projections, and lights, slashing away, they have gone from strength to strength since their first gig with the Kensal Town Fund a few years back. The second band on were The Voodudes, whose rock style punchy funk had a great reception, jumping and pumping!  

Photo by Rob JArvis
Mark Haines did a fab job of comparing, at one point offering to marry the Belly dancers, Elif, Amelie and friend, when asked which one, he said any one, yes they were lovely ladies! Spotting Patrick from the Wiv, Mark said that since he had gone we had all moved up the (expletives deleted) hill! Next up was the superb beautiful voice of Karin singing herself into a legend! She only recently sang at Ronnie Scotts, and seriously impressed our next local hero to hit the stage: Delphi Newman, those who hadn’t seen her sing before were all pleasantly surprised. It’s incredible she’s not a mega star living in Hollywood. What a songwriting genius. We all just wished she had played for longer! Next time folks watch this space. 

Those who know Big Linda, know they are going to get big rock n roll, and they really did it good, as you like! Rob was superb jumping and screaming, dipping and hugging the stand like, hello! That guy really has some charisma; he’s also the archetypal babe magnet. Last on were The X Why, what a surprise, several people have spoken to me about them, and how lucky where we to get them, should be, will be stars! The lady in pink latex was most impressed! Guy (goahead) did a grand job djing between bands, great mixing big eclectic mix, got the room dancing every time! 

Photo by Rob JArvis
Upstairs the house was simmering in a jazzy mellow living room type of atmos, Piers Thompson, of Roughler TV fame was lifting hearts and minds Djing sublimely between bands, giving out the good vibes. Thanks to Wade and Haley, Hooligan Night and the Left Step Band who all wooed the crowd! Apologies for the quality of the rollback, we had a slight issue with the sound upstairs but thanks to some of the Island Experiment crew, they scraped through, I wasn’t there all night, as much as I wanted too, one cant be in two places at the same time but KP (Superb Publicity!) Really enjoyed her time upstairs, and Piers loved the Left Step Band, we will sort out those issues next time! Ant had a Rant, and Emma and friend Merida sang some sublime Opera that was very well received! Mike Watts on the piano was poetic, Virginia and Joseph, really gave us the love, whilst Michael Geary played the drums like a magician by the way, he’s totally incredible, wow.! 

Special thanks go out to Lucas for being a fantastic host at the Masons Arms. A great job by all the staff, all in all a good crowd and great night thanks to all.

We made £2278.00 on the door, the stage cost: £230.00, the lights and sound systems £400.00 and the printing £145.00, £ 25 office expenses and £89.25 on drums, and £50.00 on cabs. The rest will be split between the three charities: New Life Mexico, The Macmillan Cancer Trust, and The Special Yoga Center, Kensal Rise. 

Thank you all again for coming, please become members of the Kensal Town Fund on Facebook, to get warning of the next event!.. Also don't forget to check thesourcemag.net for updates!

Lastly, a regular Kensal Green character, Robby sadly passed away unexpectedly last week, he was, a barometer and party professional:“Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. “ He lived to the maximum limit; perhaps beyond it. There will be a close friends and family funeral service for him on Friday. Drinks for all at the Regent later. 


#1 Mike 2009-12-09 15:48
Nice one!! I had a brilliant time and so did my mates! Really good party, great music and crowd! recommended!

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