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Charity gig for Haiti

 By Hugh Nott

I was in taiwan with my brother Guy a few years ago, and trying to mix two songs together on his technics decks, when the room started to bend! I looked at the sofa over my shoulder and watched people crawling into foetal positions, wow, I thought, my mixing must be really bad,

 or perhaps we have all been spiked with bad acid! After a millisecond of contemplating the bending and shaking scene, and considering putting on another record, I realised I was in the totally fearsome horror of an earthquake magnitude 5.8! It seemed to go on for ages and I was convinced the 4 story house would collapse any moment, and we would surely all die right at that moment. But thank all the lucky stars and heaven above, against all odds, it all just stopped! I checked the room again, fear, and awe shone from everyones eyes. I glanced out of the window expecting to see total devastation, but no there was no rubble in the streets and no destruction, only weird kind of train wreck noises; yes the two records were still playing, way out of sync! We were all thankfull as anyone staring death in the face can be that the buildings stayed up. They were made of large amounts of reinforced metal bars and concrete!

The story in Haiti a few days was very very different, minimal building regulations and little experience of earthquakes, allowed a city shaken by a 7.5 quake to turn into screaming piles of rubble in 7 seconds. A shift sideways in the Earth's crust of 1.7 meters, threw most of the buildings to the ground. You know the rest. 

On Friday 12th of Feb, we, The Kensal Town Fund (KTF),  are raising money at the Masons Arms on Harrow rd, we will have two stages a fantastic group of bands an performers, all coming to play for Charity! Please see thesourcemag.net for some reviews of our last few fundraising events.

Come and enjoy yourselves shake a leg and give it up, whilst giving a little to those in need in Haiti.

This is a guaranteed great night out, and to all the Bands, Performers, Opera singers, Belly dancers Sound engineers, Dj's crews, Bar staff and Punters; thank you for making this happen! We can only try.

Love and life and happiness, to all


(On behalf of all at The Kensal Town Fund) 

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#2 Duncan Stewart 2010-02-14 22:16
Played at this gig with my band chukin,
had an amazing night,
we were the last band on upstairs playing reggae ska funk,
met some wicked people,
and made some great contacts,
weil definately be back for some more,
easy now
#1 Queenie 2010-02-01 21:43
Thanks KTF for the opportunity to help out...
Hope we can raise lots of cash to help the folks...
All the best,

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