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Painting by Michael Epton donated for auction for Haiti on the 12th

Local artist Michael Epton offered one of his paintings to be auctioned at the KTF gig this Friday the 12th. The painting is part of his most recent collection 'skyscrapers'. 
Michael Epton exhibits his work  regularly in and outside of London. Most recent exhibitions were at a Warehouse in East London, The Bee Hive in Brixton, State of the Art Gallery in Portobello Road, IQ in Boston and my own production downstairs at the Centro Gallego.
With a price tag between £400 and £1000, the auction will provide an unique opportunity to acquire art work whist helping the fund raising effort. 
To find out more about Michael Epton please see his website http://www.michaelepton.com . 
If you are interested make sure to make it to the gig on time or contact the organisers on 07767216931 to make your bid prior to the event. 
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