Great Western Studios News - June10

This years Summer Open Studios was a resounding success once again. There were a number of events taking place around the building to help to make the most of the additional space now available. 
Children left smiling having completed the art trail and listened to readings from The Runaway Dinner and The Pencil by childrens book illustratorBruce Ingman.

There were also two dance performances hosted by Costume Boutique over the weekend. Anna-Mi Fredriksson performed a conceptual solo dance, created around Tamar's costume design which was a direct response to the new studio space and it's arresting views over the Grand Union Canal. Tamar also collaborated with Dane Hurst from the Rambert Dance Company to create an improvised dance performance with live musicians. Tamar utilised costumes to challenge the perception of garments that usually restrict us, such as the burka and the crinoline.

The feedback from both studio holders and visitors alike has been incredibly positive and we're already looking forward to the Christmas Open Studios.

Estelle Thompson is currently taking part in the group exhibition Sameness & Difference: An Artists Furniture showat A Russian Club Gallery. The show investigates how the artists engage with furniture and the underlying experimental impulse to dissolve art into life.

Kate Gibb
 and Tommy Penton have been selected forCreative Review's Illustration Annual which will be out in July. Showing 60 artists; this is the first time Creative Review is showcasing illustration.

Pip Hackett recently worked with underwater photographerZena Holloway, the result of the collaboration is to be seen in this months issue of French magazine, Rozebuzz.

Martha Freud
 has been nominated as an emerging designer inthe Hospital Club 100 in association with The Independent. As one of 16 up-and-coming designers Martha is recognisedfor her fresh, unconventional approach, her aesthetic sensibility and organic, ecologically informed work.

Our latest addition/newcomers to the Great Western Studios,Float, are organising a Meetup event, milkFloat on the afternoon of July 8th in the Great Western Studios Project Space. The event is open for everyone and will focus on privacy and the impact upon it of the world wide web. Main speakers are David and Ashley from the production company Green Lions, makers of successful docu-film, Erasing David. Click here to sign up.

After exhibiting in the crypt of a church and a water tower,Julie Goldsmith's next exhibition will take place in an old Gerorgian Theatre inside The George Tavern at 373 Commercial Road, E1. The show, She Hangs Brightly, opens on July 1st and runs until the 8th, where Julie exhibits with two other female London artists, Esther Planas and Karina Akopyan.

Cristina Rodriguez is once again exhibiting all over Europe, you've been able to see her paintings at Salon Mediterraneen d'Art Contemporain in Aix en Provence in early June and between 11th June and 10th September Cristina will be exhibiting at the Grand Tour show in Grobnik Castle, Rijeka in Croatia.



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