English players should be on a DECENT wage

If only the English team had put as much effort into the game as many of the supporters did to get to SA! Maybe the players should be on a DECENT wage, to play their best!  Well... local resident Andrew Grady hitchhiked all the way to SA. Not long ago, we were wondering about his whereabouts... we are glad to say that he made it. And we are sorry that he won't be able to support England any further, this World Cup.

This blog entry was posted on the day that England won against Slovenia. Hope was all pervasive. We hope to hear more from him soon...

I could write a book on this day alone, as we caught one of the local buses to the Nelson Mandela Stadium…the excitement was building along with a hefty portion of nerves. On arrival i was asking a  police officer where i could buy tickets…the reply was ‘10km back into town, or you can buy one off a tout and i’ll have to put you in jail’ he said with a wry smile, i took no more than 10 steps when i came accross a tall chap named Leo who I approached  on the off chance if he had any tickets…he did and my work was done, the hilarious thing is the tickets i bought off him belonged to that fella Pavlos who kicked off with the England team in their dressing room…i was in stitches as Leo told me the whole story, I was oblivious to the story not having read or watched any brit news for the last 7 weeks. The crowds,  atmosphere and Buzz around the stadium was beyond electric…obviously the boys did the job and we celebrated in true brit style oiling our livers with Gusto long into the night. A truly magical day and fitting reward for my efforts on getting there….Germany, Argentina, Spain and then Brazil….bring it on…there all gonna get stuffed, COME ON ENGLAND! 
Follow him on his blog http://www.mymagicthumb.com 
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