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Carnival 2010 map

Carnival 2010  map

That’s right folks! The carnival will be with us soon: that yearly event that turns this area into a massive stage for a street party.
Let just hope that the dickheads who are intent on causing trouble, stay at home with their mummies, and that the weather bless us with glorious sunshine. 

This year has been a bit difficult to get hold of a half decent map. The RBKC has published one for the sound systems that you can see here. To be honest it’s a rather boring looking one. You can also find this one with the google maps. We will of course try to gather more info. 

In the next couple of days, we will be sending out our Newsletter Carnival Special with all the after parties that are worth a mention.
Plus we have a few free tickets to give away to an after party at the Westbourne Studios on Sunday. To claim yours go here.
Keep tuned.  
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