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Save Kensal Rise Library Fundraising Appeal - Crunch Time II !

Save Kensal Rise Library Fundraising Appeal - Crunch Time II

£74,039 pledged so farr;  Goal: £70,000 by September 7th 2012; keep the donations coming! 

Congratulations to the campaigners who managed to raise the money! £70,000 is the bare minimum to have any chances of running the library themselves. 

Getting closer!! 

We love this campaign. Regardless of what some people may feel about the use of libraries,  this campaign has been a model in community action and fighting spirit against the politicians who are meant to represent them. If only so many others that despite their noble causes, loose their will to fight, would learn from this stupendous effort! This has been a real tour de force: they have managed to put the debate on front page news and even made it to the BBC Newsnight. They took their fight to the High Court, and now are making a proposal to run the service themselves. They have galvanized support, and despite the arrogance and intransigence of Brent Council, the spirit is strong and alive – the fight goes on !!

Our respect to everyone who have been involved in this amazing effort!

For more info and ways to help, please see http://www.savekensalriselibrary.org/   

On the other hand, the Kilburn Times reported on Aug 9th , that Cllr James Powney “who oversaw the controversial closure of half the borough’s libraries has claimed that campaigners have withdrawn their bid to take over one of the axed branches”. However no written evidence was found and the council leader had no knowledge of it either... It 's self evident that the dignity and strength of character of the campaigners is not matched by their own councillor. 

  Cllr James Powney blog entry

First two pictures are by Allen Samuels.  


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