Portobello drinkers 'harassed' by children

Portobello 'drinking' team on the disputed table.
From our sports correspondent Dave 'the Mexican' Wave. As usual his view are his own and of a 'tabloid' nature.
Things are coming to a head in Portobello Green, Notting Hill. Members of the Portobello serious drinking team are claiming that they are being harassed by a pingpongist terrorist group who's members include children as young as five years old. According to a spokesperson from the drinking team; " We are f*****g being f*****g chased off our f*****g drinking table in the f*****g park by a bunch of f*****g antisocial table f*****g tennis fanatics".
From the other side of the fence a local pinger stated: "It is ridiculous! this is a table tennis table not a drinks table. There are drinking places all over the place but only this one table tennis table".
'Terrorists' at play!
The drinkers went on to complain that sport is an elitist activity which should be discouraged now the olympics are over. One stated: "Sporting activities in this neighbourhood give a false picture of what is essentially a shithole  left to accomodate us drinkers, crack heads, junkies and such by RBKC while they gentrify the rest of the borough for coke snorting tax avoiders and the like.
Rumours however of royal personages getting their kit off in the park are unfounded.
This was first published in http://jannieupjur.blogspot.co.uk and is reproduced here with their kind permission.  
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