Outside in #2


Contemporary Urban artists at the Muse Gallery until September 16.

Featuring work by: Alex Wreckage, Giles Walker, Solo One, Teddy Baden, lucy Sparrow, Thomas Contu, Ottoschade, Peter Dunne, Masai, #Codefc

Amongst them you'll find the work of local street artist CODEFC whose uncompromising approach to art is often underpinned by a political awareness that reflects our historical moment. 

Taking the pop painting “LOVE” and re interpreting it with the word “CODE”, is indicative of his approach. The original painting is replaced and challenged by the word “code” that pervades our everyday life: from the 'code' of love to the code that mediates our contemporary (digital) existence with increasing magnitude, dependency, intrusion and surveillance omnipresence. The first is a late expression of 60'sensibility prior to a collective hangover and hippies falling into individual depression; the second, CODE  is cut in metal – sharp, solid and clean suggesting both lightness and heaviness and encapsulates our increased dependency in it as well as our bewilderment and fetish with its outcome. 

The irony is found in the beauty of 'code' itself in the digital maze... how programmers get immersed in it and come up with simplified ways to perform tasks that sooner or later became part of our everyday life. If you ever got into writing code for games, sites, etc, you know its inherent 'beauty'... and you know there's an art to it too as well as dangers.

CODEFC's sculpture,  it's not about “beauty” although it is. It is not about “love” although it is too. It challenges perceptions about love and code but also about the object itself, i.e. the art work. This reflexive quality ( is this a work of art? What is art? Etc.) is found in the best of urban art that has catapulted to the foreground of the Arts as a whole. It suggests maturity, awareness and inquiry, an element often missing in many others. 

Until September 16 at the Muse Gallery.

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