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Salon Does Punishment

Salon London comes back to West London for a night of Crime, Punishment and Retribution

Salon London comes back to West London for a night of Crime, Punishment and Retribution

 Founded by writer Helen Bagnall, musician Juliet Russell and web architect Diccon Towns, Salon London was created as a place to discuss ideas and challenge us with fresh perspectives and new experiences – as they explain on their site, they aim “to get you the best week night you can have without sex.” With the strap line 'a lot more fun than it sounds', they showcase specialists from the worlds of science, the arts and psychology.

They recently told the Evening Standard ‘the concept came out of the clubbing model of the 1990s, that feeling that you very much enjoy going out and having unexpected experiences, but as you get older and work gets harder, you don’t want all your social life to revolve around boozing”. Only 6 years ago they started in Westbourne Grove church hall joined by their circle of acquaintances. Since then they have run the discussion night in various parts of town as well as festivals, approaching a variety of subjects such as “The Psychology of Lust”, “Smart People, Smart Drugs”, “The Empathy Revolution”, “Spontaneity” and “How to Stay Sane” – just to name a few. 

Now, salon comes back to our immediate shores in “Salon Does Punishment” where it will be taking a good look at the facts of rehabilitation. Government Forensic Psychologist Dr Ruth Mann is tasked with evaluating punishment and treatment, and has devised many of prison programmes currently running today, particularly those for sex offenders.  Hear the evidence: are they deserved, how do they work, and what can they achieve?

Also Katy Emck from Fine Cell Work, Kary’s organisation trains prisoners, giving them the ability to develop skills and earn a wage through the surprising medium of high-end needlework.  Hear what happens when prison becomes the place to pick up new skills, and prisoners are able to support their families from the inside.

Last but not least, the Salon is going to take a look at the gruesome history of Britain’s hangmen, the subject of Radio 4 comedian and writer Wil Hodgon’s hit Edinburgh show ‘You Will be Taken from This Place.’ He’ll certainly be taken to the Salon stage to deliver the true histories of those tasked by the state until 1964 to deliver the ultimate punishment.

A different night out for sure coming up on this Wednesday 8th




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