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About SBS-TV

SBS-TV is in development, but it intends to be an eclectic AV resource from things that happen locally as well as from issues that reflect our time.


At the moment we have links to events organised locally by Trepan Records and two challenging documentaries about the way we live.

They are 'Zeitgeist, The Movie' and 'Zeitgeist: Addendum' - check them out.

'Zeitgeist, The Movie' and 'Zeitgeist: Addendum' were created as Not-for-Profit expressions to communicate what the author felt were highly important social understandings which most humans are generally not aware of. The first film focuses on suppressed historical & modern information about currently dominant social institutions, while also exploring what could be in store for humanity if the power structures at large continue their patterns of self-interest, corruption, and consolidation.

The second film, Zeitgeist: Addendum, attempts to locate the root causes of this pervasive social corruption, while offering a solution. This solution is not based on politics, morality, laws, or any other "establishment" notions of human affairs, but rather on a modern, non-superstitious based understanding of what we are and how we align with nature, to which we are a part. The work advocates a new social system which is updated to present day knowledge, highly influenced by the life long work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project.


Please send us links to pieces that you find interesting and want to share with the community.  

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