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Ant the Rant is coming West

Soon on this site we will have contributions from  Ant the Rant -  bringing poetical satire to the satellite masses, misfits, pissed modernists and the i-groan generation. Unashamedly old school comic verse with rhyme, rhythm and reason, tongue-in-cheek social commentary. and a dollop of mushy peas on top. Life can seem bitter, but you can always have a lemonade top. 

SBS-TV new videos

Following Friday the 13th KTF gig at the William IV, we decided to create a category for bands that played there and have videos available online. You can access them here.

Because the live music scene around this area is becoming more active, we will link videos to other bands who are playing locally too. If you want, do send us a link plus name of the band, venue and date.

About SBS-TV

SBS-TV is in development, but it intends to be an eclectic AV resource from things that happen locally as well as from issues that reflect our time.


At the moment we have links to events organised locally by Trepan Records and two challenging documentaries about the way we live.

They are 'Zeitgeist, The Movie' and 'Zeitgeist: Addendum' - check them out.

About the Business Directory


The Local Business directory is a free service to local businesses and to people who live locally but who have a business elsewhere. You don’t have to register to enter your details.

If you do not find a category that adequately reflects the nature of your business, please get in touch with us and we will create one.

Also, please supply a contact number so that we can check the details submitted are genuine.


About Listings


Every time you arrive at the Home page, you will find a calendar on the left and Upcoming Events on the right. Scroll the mouse over the calendar to see what’s on and click on it if you want to look further. The Upcoming Events list future events that have been submitted.

In order to submit Listings, you have to log in first. In case you don’t find a category for your event, then just contact us, and we will create it for you. Once we start sending the Source Newsletter, we will select some of the Listings to include in the mailing list.

Whatever the event you are promoting, just register and submit the required fields. Please note that images have to be up to, and not above, 100 kb in size as the system will not accept them.

If you have any problems, please contact us and send the information you want to publish. Do supply a contact number so that we can get in touch with you.

This service is open to everyone: pubs, clubs, cinemas, galleries, schools and individuals organising any event, etc.