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Posture and pain

Local osteopath Alison Durant sent us an article about posture and pain... we've all been there (ouch!!) . Read on for some tips on how to avoid them.

As food for thought, I would like you to consider the fact that the head alone weighs between ten and eleven pounds (4.5-5.0kg). As soon as our head moves ahead of its balanced position, directly over our centre of gravity – somewhere between our belly button and our spine – as it does when we slouch, the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders have to work overtime to support it. Next time you’re slouching, think about the position of that ten pound weight, and the effect it is having on your back, neck and shoulders.

What Is Belly Dance?

Written by Elif Tarik

Belly dance is an ancient form of art that was originally used for fertility around 2000 years ago.It was performed by women for women at birth rituals. It only became a way to entertain men during ottoman empire rules in the harem. Since then it has travelled and evolved in many different ways but still the principals remain the same. It is a dance that involves mostly pelvic and spinal movement and a lot of shaking.

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